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Ten Steps to build Company Intelligence

Step 1: Profile the Company

First, find out who the company is and what it does.  Determine whether the company is publicly-owned (stock trades) or privately-held. You can usually find annual reports (Thomson Research), SEC filings (EDGAR), stock reports and brokerage-house reports (Investext on OneSource) for them.  All of these source are discussed further in the following steps.

Step 2: Identify the Company

Their subscription Profiles are more detailed portraits that include a company overview, company history, sales, profits, number of employees, principle executives, multi-year financial statements, locations, products and services, brands, and key competitors.  If your company is not included in these databases you can compile your own profile from sources listed in the next steps.

Step 3: Visit the Company’s Web Site

OneSearch is a new discovery tool that simultaneously searches articles published in tens of thousands of our subscription sources. Both ABI/INFORM and Business Source Premier (EBSCO) index, abstract, and provide full-text for leading english language business and economics magazines and journals.  All of our subscription services are listed in the Articles subject guide. You can also check any of the excellent business Web sites devoted to business news such as Bloomberg, CNNMoney, MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance or Google Business News.

Step 4: Find Current News about the Company

They recognize the value of having informative Web sites where they can showcase their products and services and communicate their vision. Hoover’s Online and OneSource.  The Directories Guide lists and links to databases and Web sites that are helpful in identifying companies. Provide links to company Web sites.

Step 5: Clarify the Company’s Strategy

The daily stock market reflects investors’ collective opinion on publicly traded companies’ current performance and future prospects. You can find fully exportable financial statements in Thomson Research (U.S. and Foreign), and Thomson One Banker (U.S. & Foreign). Finance offer free stock reports along with premium services.
Step 6:  Examine the Company’s Market & Financials Performance

Finance and many other Web sites. For IPOs look for the Registartion Statements, S-1s, and their amendments in 424s. The Business overview in the 10-K provides a detailed discussion of the company’s strategy, products and services, operations, marketing, distribution, international business, suppliers as well as competitive conditions in the industry.

Step 7: Survey the Industry and Competition

These reports are written by industry specialists who follow and analyze all developments that impact a company’s fortunes. You can access the reports through Investext on Thomson One. You will also find a selection of Investext reports in OneSource.

Step 8: Locate Investment Research Reports

Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys provide timely, sophisticated analyses of more than 50 major U.S. industries and a growing number of global industries. OneSource pulls together company and industry reports, statistics and articles from leading business publishers.

Step 9: Learn How to Analyze a Company

Each survey has a section on how to analyze a company in that specific industry. This feature clues you into what special factors to consider when you evaluate the company and what to look for in the financial statements.

Step 10: Putting It All Together

Always find the sources for company information in the Company Information Center.


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